Air Cooled Industrial Chiller

Products Mode: A4.6

Basic information:

HC series of portable water chillers is mainly using in plastic industry, it can accurately control the temperature of plastic mold to shorten the mold cycle time. Suitable for cooling various of hydraulic press to maintain a stable working oil temperature; Also applies to the electroplating industry / food industry / electronics industry and dyeing industry etc. This series chillers are designed to be air-cooled and water-cooled two types, able to provide accurate and stable temperature of 5 ~ 30 ℃ ice water (the temperature does not exceed ± 1 ℃), cooling capacity from 6,800 to 120,000 kcal / hr.  

•  Adopts Europe and USA high-quality new design compressor and brand-name circulating pumps, fans,
   energy-saving and durable in operation.
•  With unique new designed radiator, excellent efficiency in heat exchanging.
•  Equipped with stainless steel open-type water tank, quite easy to clean and maintain.
•  Equipped with microcomputer temperature controller, precise temperature control ± 1 ℃.
•  Standard with sensive alarm, automatically refill water function, reverse phase protection, current
    overload protection, high and low pressure protection and a number of electronic time delay security
    protection, while breakdown happens, alarm issue immediately.
•  Double head type compressor work in turn with accumulated time, effectively balance machine running time
    and improves machine service life.       
Technical Data:

Cooling CapacitykW81422303742
CompressorType (All-close Scroll)
RefrigerantTypeR22 ( R407C )
EvaporatorTypeWater Tank ImmersionShell Evaporator
Air Cooled CondenserTypeFinned Condenser
Fan powerkW0.250.60.25×20.45×20.45×20.6×2
Water Tank CapacityLiter100160200160
Flow Water Inlet And Outlet Pipe InchInch11.52
Dimensions (LxWxH)mm1060×680×12501360×700×14501470×800×15001470×900×15001580×960×1700


Cooling CapacitykW526286104125
CompressorType (All-close Scroll)
RefrigerantTypeR22 ( R407C )
EvaporatorTypeShell Evaporator
Air Cooled CondenserTypeFinned Condenser
Fan powerkW0.45×40.6×40.6×40.6×60.7×6
Water Tank CapacityLiter250320450
Flow Water Inlet And Outlet Pipe InchInch22.5
Dimensions (LxWxH)mm1480×1600×18002400×1900×19002540×1950×19402840×1950×1940