Automatic PE Film Shrinking Packing Machine

Products Mode: D4.1
Automatic PE Film Shrink Packing Machine is suitable for wrapping pop-cans, bottles, etc, both with bottom-tray and without bottom-tray, working with PE shrink tunnels. The machine adopts the advanced technology and international famous brands, which makes capability stable and using long-time.

1. Packaging form:

Online full film packaging, offline manual loading paper tray film packaging

2. Technical features:

Using automatic bottle separation technology, which can be operated online;

The whole machine is controlled by PLC, fully automatic operation;

Adapt to a variety of bottle types, easy to adjust;

Multiple safety protection, with touch screen control;

Using high-efficiency heating and heat preservation technology, the shrink tunnel has less heat dissipation;

Imported components are adopted for the motor, cylinder and electric control;

3. Action description:

The automatic operation is divided into the steps of bottle conveying, bottle stacking, film conveying, eagerly cutting film, film coating, film package heat shrinking and cooling.

4. Equipment description:

This machine is divided into three parts: conveyor, packaging machine and heat shrinking machine. It is mainly composed of conveyor, bottle pressing mechanism, up and down film feeding mechanism, bottle pushing mechanism, film receiving mechanism, pressing mechanism, front and rear conveying mechanism, frame, it is composed of bottle blocking mechanism, heat shrinkage, electrical control and other parts.  

ModelMB-150 MB-350MB-450
Capacity (packages/min)8~1520~3030~40
Material of the filmPE, PP, PVC, POF
Width of the film≤600 mm
Thickness of the film0.03~0.15 mm
Working pressure0.6~0.8 Mpa
Shrinking temperature260 ℃ (adjustable)
Shrinking time (second)0~6 s
Sealing and cutting temperature (℃)150~200 (adjustable)160~260 (adjustable)
Length of the cutting reamer700 mm
Power supplyAC 380V 50HZ (can be customized)
Max. power consumption (KW)262558
Practical power consumption (KW)162034
Height of in feeding conveying chain950+30 mm (adjustable)
Package size (Max. mm)600×400×3902400×650×452600×650×45
Package size (Min. mm):210×140×100210×140×100210×140×100
Dimension of the machine (m)6090×2680×203013200×1100×210012000×1215×2150
Weight of the machine (kg)120028005000