Bottling Water Automatic Washing/Filling/Capping Machine

Products Mode: D1.1
1: Filling medium: Water
2: Combined type automatic machine (3-in-1)
3: Capacity: 3000~40000 bottle/hour based on 500ml bottle
4: PLC + Touch Screen control, various protect/measure device;
5: Main material: Stainless steel 304/316
6: Bottle type: PET bottle, 0.2~2.5L

Detailed Description:

CGF is a kind of professional filling machine integrator for water filling machine. It is multifunctional which can be used for washing, filling and capping. It is a kind of advanced filling machine integrator which is innovated in following the process requirements of filling pure water, mineral water, wine, etc. based on the importing and assimilating the foreign advanced technology.  
The machine can finish bottle in-feeding, washing, filling, cap-unscrambling, capping and finished bottle output by automatically.

PLC control, English and Man-machine interface, operating easy and simple maintain
Air delivery in-feeding conveyor and connect with star wheel directly to make bottle size change easily.
Neck hanging technology is applied to fit different height bottle and prevent second pollution.
Apply insertion type to control fluid level and ensure filling accuracy and preventing spray
Frequency inverter controls the whole machine to make working smooth and reliability.
Advanced magnetic coupler to regulate cap screwing torque to keep capping accuracy.
3-in-1 Monoblock structure make machine compact and beautiful appearance, save you workshop floor and labor cost.

Capacity (500ml)20004000600010000120001600022000260000
Bottle typePET bottle, round & square
Bottle diameterΦ50~95mmΦ50~110mm
Bottle volume250~1500ml250~2250ml250~2500ml
Compressor air pressure0.3~0.7MPa
Washing pressure0.25~0.3MPa
Power (kw)
Diameter (m)1.9×1.5×2.32.3×1.7×2.52.5×1.85×2.53.1×2.1×2.54.6×2.16×2.54.6×3.8×2.55×4.7×2.56.5×5.4×2.5
Weight (kgs)        

 Component pictures:




Washing heads:
* Made of 304/316 stainless steel, hygienic and durable, can avoid clip pollution.
* Equipped with high-efficiency nozzles to ensure the washing effect and save washing water.
* Equipped with a cover to prevent water splashing; and equip with water recovery tank.
* By adjusting the height of rotating parts to adapt to different bottle heights

Filling Heads:
* Made of food grade stainless steel 304/316.
* Fast filling speed and precise liquid level control.
* All parts that come into contact with materials are food-grade materials
  with no hygienic dead corners and few seals.

 3.jpg Capping heads:
* Electricmagnetic capping heads to reduce the defective rate, easy to set and adjust the torque of capping head.
* Equip the reverse cap protected device.
* No cap feeding then machine stop.
* Main parts made by SS304/316.
* By adjusting the height of the rotary parts to adapt for different bottle height.

Normal technical process for complete production line


Layout of normal bottled water production line: