Dehumidifying Drying Loader

Products Mode: A4.2

Basic information:  
We can supply dry air machines with low dew point of -40 °, Integrated dehumidifying & drying & two- section conveying functions in one unit.
Beautiful appearance, simple and reasonable design and easy for maintenance.
Suitable for hygroscopic engineering plastics, such as PA, PC, PBT, PET, ABS etc.                                          
•  Adopts P.I.D. Temperature control system, which can precisely control dryness and regeneration temperature.
•  All stainless steel double-layer heat-preserving barrel adopts with down-blow tube design, to guarantee no heat loss,
    stable drying temperature and efficiency.
•  Fully closed feeding system, that prevents materials from absorbing moisture after being dried.
•  With over-temperature protection, motor overload, reverse protection alarms protection and function.
•  Based on clients needs, one to one, one to two or two to one models, and all of which Combine
  dehumidifying, drying and two section -feeding are optional.                                                 

Technical Data:

HDL-50F HDL-80F HDL-120F HDL-200F
Drying hopper capacityL80120160320
Drying air capacitym3/hour5080120200
Heater powerkW367.510.5
Blower powerkW0.40.70.851.6
Regen heater powerkW34.54.56
Regen blower powerkW0.
Transporting blower powerkW1.
Pipe diameterInch1.
Dimensions (H×W×D)mm1700×1285×8801700×1285×8801770×1315×92020800×1280×1575


HDL-300F HDL-400F HDL-600F HDL-1000F
Drying hopper capacityL5406609001500
Drying air capacitym3/hour3004006001000
Heater powerkW15182532
Blower powerkW2.245.59
Regen heater powerkW7.57.51015
Regen blower powerkW0.550.71.61.6
Transporting blower powerkW2.
Pipe diameterInch1.51.522
Dimensions (H×W×D)mm2170×1280×17102460×1280×17102700×1390×22003200×1700×2550