HW Series Combined Drinking Water Treatment Unit

Products Mode: C3.1

Product Introduction:

The HW series of pure water treatment units we manufacture will desalinate groundwater, surface water, tap water, etc. into drinking water, including pretreatment parts, RO equipment and backwash treatment parts, including dosing systems, sand filters, activated carbon filters, micro filters, UV pre-sterilizer RO system and post-UV equipment or ozone equipment (optional). HW series pure water treatment unit has the characteristics of high processing capacity, small size, exquisite appearance, easy installation and operation.

Main use place:

1. Further purification of household water to provide quality domestic water;
2. Advanced treatment of drinking water in schools and factories;
3. Drinking water after treatment of groundwater sources;
4. Reprocess the restaurant, villa, hotel tap water.
5. Surface water such as conventional lake water and river water are used as source water, and treated as drinking water;                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

1. Adopted membranes with high desalination ratio and low pressure running which are from famous RO membrane manufacturer, to reduce the running cost, and prolong the equipment life-span.
2. Adopted high efficiency low noise high pressure pump to reduce the power consumption, to guarantee a stable and quiet running. With low pressure and high pressure protector switches to prevent the damage from water shortage and pipeline block.
3. Conductivity monitor for continuous live monitor to guarantee the high quality permeate water. With flow meter for end-product water and concentrate water to monitor and adjust the output capacity and system permeate recovery ratio
4. Equipped with Mitsubishi PLC for automatic control of auto running from raw water to end-product water and back wash process. With adjustable full automatic backwash time controller, before each time running, the RO membrane surface can be fast timing rinsed, to reduce the pollution, and prolong the membrane life-span.
5. High quality stainless steel for frame, pre-treatment part, UPVC for pipe fittings, and with auto-control solenoid valve.                                                                
Specification List:

Capacity (L/H)2505001000150020003000
Salt rejection≥95% (*)
Feed flow (L/H)100010002000300035005000
ControlPLC Automatic control
Voltage1/3phase, 220V/380V, 50/60HZ
Dimension (cm)220×90×160280×100×180330×120×210
Weight (kg)160200250300400550