Pure Water Treatment System

Products Mode: C4.1

Product Introduction:

The water output of reverse osmosis equipment for industrial production is relatively large, and it is generally used in relatively large production enterprises, and the water output can meet the water demand of the enterprise's production. Production and development in all walks of life are inseparable from water, and the quality of raw water is usually poor, so water treatment equipment will be selected for cleaning. The effluent quality of reverse osmosis equipment can meet the production needs of many industries, for example, it can be applied in chemical, medical, electronics and other industries. With the development of the economy, the scope of use of reverse osmosis equipment is also expanding.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
Part Function Introduction:

1. Pre-treatment: pre-treatment of raw water to improve the quality of water supply to meet the requirements, reduce and delay membrane pollution, and prolong its life. The objects it treats are mainly microorganisms, bacteria, colloids, organic matter and heavy metals in the water. Ions, solid particles, and free chlorine.
2. Reverse osmosis device: The separation pore diameter of the membrane is 10-6cm-10-7cm, which can remove organic matters (such as trihalomethane intermediates, colloids, suspended matter, microorganisms, bacteria, algae, molds, etc.), heat sources, and viruses Water and other substances, the water after the first three stages of pretreatment of the fluid is deeply separated and processed by the reverse osmosis RO membrane host, so that the water that is beneficial to human health is passed, and the water that is not good for human health is eliminated, and pure water is produced to enter the pure water tank.
3. Description of control function: This system changes the corresponding output signal of the water inlet valve, high pressure pump, flushing valve and other actuators according to changes in input signals such as high pressure, low pressure, liquid level, reset, switch, etc., to automatically control a standard RO The system realizes pressure protection, liquid level control, start-up / full water / automatic flushing and other functions. 

Running Data:                                                       
Inlet water quality: Any water source;                  Water temperature: 1~45℃
Seawater TDS: <10000mg/L                                 Environmental temperature: 5~45℃
Elevation (max): 1000m                                        Output water backpressure: <0.5bar

Product water flow: 0.25~1000m3/hour                Recover rate: 35~75%
Salt rejection rate > 90~99.5% or according to customer required

Performance and Characteristics:
1. The reverse osmosis desalination technology is mature and advanced, and the desalination rate is as high as 99.8%.
2. High water utilization and low energy consumption.
3. Rack pipes and fittings are made of stainless steel and corrosion-resistant materials to ensure the durability of the system and lower maintenance costs.
4. Stable effluent water quality: Advanced water quality detection control and sophisticated system maintenance program ensure long-term stable effluent water quality.
5. Simple operation and convenient maintenance. As long as there is electricity and water, fresh water can be supplied immediately after startup.
6. Equipment combination types can be realized: bracket type, skid-mounted type, skid-mounted type, container type, etc.
7. If necessary, an efficient energy recovery system and overall optimized design can be used to greatly reduce energy consumption.

Component Pictures: