Seawater Desalination Reverse Osmosis System

Products Mode: C2.1

Product Introduction:

HG series Seawater desalination system is a multipurpose seawater desalination unit with different water production capacity, which is designed and produced by Ningbo Hautek Company. It is applied to cargo ships, tankers, offshore drilling platforms, islands, coastal stations and coastal water shortage cities.

The equipment adopts the most advanced RO system designing software, the highest quality membrane components and water production capacity is designed combined with the highly efficient and unique energy recovery technology.  The equipment can effectively remove mineral, organism, bacteria, virus, many others noxious components and converts seawater into international standard drinking water.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

1. The system is pre-treated with the most advanced automatic multi-way control valve to achieve full-automatic flow backwashing and washing.
2. The filter’s shell, the pipeline is all made of corrosion-resistant materials, to ensure the durability of the complete system.
3. The RO system choose high-quality membrane & vessel. It is designed according to the water production capacity and raw seawater quality.
4. Choose high pressure pump made by super duplex steel which equip with frequency converter to make soft-start.
5. Some RO system will equip high efficient energy recovery device to ensure low energy consumption of the system operation.
6. The system is equipped with an advanced detection and monitoring system to ensure stable operation and high-quality water product and provides accurate operation of the system.
7. The whole system is equipped with advanced flow, pressure and other control instruments and pressure relief and discharge pipelines to keep the whole pipeline system running smoothly and safely, ensuring system maintenance safety, convenience and reliability.   
According to different kinds filled beverage, these bottled water/beverage production lines use the principles of filter sterilization, carbonization, and juice blending. Desalting or partial desalting according to the quality of the raw water, then sterilizing and filling to PET/glass bottle; or mixing with concentrated fruit juice and filling, or mixing with carbon dioxide gas after cooling then filling; it can produce different varieties and flavors bottled drinking water, carbonated, juice beverage. Water treatment terminal filtration equipment adopts reverse osmosis membrane or ultrafiltration membrane with a separation pore size of 1nm-0.1μm, which can remove most of the ions, colloids, organic matter, etc. Some special water sources (such as iron, manganese, fluoride ion, etc. exceed the standard), HAUTEK company will have corresponding equipment to remove them.                                                                     
Running Data:              

Feed water: Seawater                             
Water temperature: 10~40℃
Seawater TDS: 15000~45000mg/L                   
Environmental temperature: 5~45℃
Elevation (max): 1000m                            
Output water backpressure: <0.5bar
Electric source: 3phase, 220/380V, 50/60HZ

Product water flow: 0.5~200m3/hour                  
Recover rate: 30~45%
Product water TDS: ≤500~800ppm                  
Operate pressure: 45~60bar