PET Preform Production Line Solution

PET Preform Production Line


HAUTEK has been committed to providing customers with efficient one-stop multi-cavity preform injection molding solutions. The third generation of special high-speed preform injection molding machine and multi-cavity short gate needle valve type PET preform injection mold have been developed. So far, there have been many PET preform injection molding production lines sold at all the world.

HAUTEK professionally provides high-speed PET preform production equipment


Capacity: 300Ton Injection molding machine + 48 Cavities Preform injection mold with 15g weight = 9340 pcs/hour

500Ton Injection molding machine + 72 Cavities Preform injection mold with 15g weight = 12960 pcs/hour

K Series High speed PET Injection molding machine

  • Model 180T—600T

  • With extended aspect ratio and high plasticization rate

  • PET special screw, chrome-plated tie rod to ensure high speed and precision of mold opening and closing

  • Advanced computer controller and electrical system, energy-saving servo control

  • High speed, high efficiency, high stability, high energy saving


High precision multi-cavity preform mold

  • Preform mold cavity number 8-144 cavities

  • Needle valve hot runner system

  • S136 Stainless steel with heat treatment

  • High-precision processing equipment (lathe, EDM, high-speed milling)

  • Convenient interchangeable insert design (screw mouth, weight, cavity, core)

Automatic production auxiliary equipment

Dehumidification and drying machine, hopper dryer, automatic loader, water chiller, preform picker, preform checker, conveyor belt and visual inspection system, etc.



Normal preform’s neck type:

 28mm PCO 1810
 20mm PCO 1881
 28mm PCO Corvaglla
 30/25 3Star Low
 30/25 3Star High
 26.7mm 3Star Alaska
 16.jpg 17.jpg 18.jpg 19.jpg 20.jpg 
 38mm 3Star CF Bericap
 38mm 2Star HF Bericap
 28mm ROPP
 28mm BPE-C
 25mm ROPP

PET Preform production line one-stop service

Economical financial budget and better model selection plan
 According to the customer's demand for preform capacity, HAUTEK can accurately calculate the number of mold cavities, injection weight, and injection pressure through data analysis. And match the output of the subsequent filling line to achieve greater economic efficiency.
 Provide plant design plan and electrical, waterway planning, automation system suggestions
 Whether it is a new plant or expansion, HAUTEK can provide relevant plant design drawings. This enables the reasonably planned plant to cooperate to improve production and management efficiency, and to provide reasonable automation system recommendations according to customer needs.
 Engineer dispatch & equipment installation & parameter debugging & training service

 HAUTEK will send professional engineers to be responsible for the installation and commissioning of all equipment. Save the qualified parameters during operation and ensure efficient and stable production. In addition, regular machine operation, maintenance and repair training will also be provided.
 On-site & 24-hour online service
 Complete after-sales accessories services, agency service points, online video guidance.

Typical PET preform production line service

With many years of R&D and production experience, HAUTEK keeps up with market demand and customizes preform injection molding project solutions for you. For example: five-gallon PET preform injection molding solution, multi-cavity preform injection molding solution, wide mouth preform injection molding solution, mineral water preform injection molding solution...