HAUTEK's purpose: To provide customers with one-stop solution

Ningbo HAUTEK company was established in 1998. Relying on a standardized and streamlined production and operation system, it adopts advanced design concepts, processing equipment and sophisticated manufacturing methods to meet the different requirements of customers. And actively assist customers to provide good follow-up products and services, is a technology-based enterprise integrating R&D, design, manufacturing, operation and service, with more than 22 years of experience in turnkey projects for bottled beverage production lines.

HAUTEK's main products

High-precision energy-saving injection molding machines & various injection molds;* PET two-stage automatic blow molding machines & various blowing molds;

Water treatment equipment for various water sources, including drinking water purification equipment, domestic and industrial sewage treatment equipment;

Water filling machine, carbonated beverage filling machine, juice beverage filling machine, 3/5 gallon filling machine, can filling machine, etc.;

Bottles/Cans follow-up labeling, coding, packaging equipment, etc.;

The turnkey projects for various beverages production line;

Respect customers, think about problems from the customer's standpoint, proactively solve them, and ultimately achieve the satisfaction of customers and our company; have a sense of advanced service and take preventive measures.


Our Core Values

Quality and innovation

All employees pay attention to the quality of the products, pay attention to the details of each processing link, and do not miss any flaws; establish new methods, new ideas, create changes in the work, and improve the competitiveness of products.

Perfect pre-sale

sale and after-sales service

Professional sales staff assist customers in product selection guidance according to their actual needs; after signing the contract, we will process products in strict accordance with the contract requirements; dedicated personnel are responsible for after-sales service, spare parts supply and professional technical services.

Why HAUTEK Machinery

Sufficient spare parts stock and quick response time can provide timely feedback on customer demand for spare parts.

Perfect technology, precise processing, and excellent assembly; to ensure product quality. HAUTEK has experienced technicians and precision machining CNC equipment, which can complete the products required by customers with quality and quantity.

Professional after-sales installation engineer. For equipment that needs to be installed and tested, we promptly arrange installation engineers to customers factory to finish installation and training.

Professional technical design team to meet the different requirements of customers. The water treatment engineer can choose the corresponding treatment process to achieve the best treatment effect according to the customer's different water sources and water standards; the bottled beverage designer optimally configures the complete production line to achieve the best cost performance.