Before sale

Hautek professional managers will meet with visiting customers to confirm their exact needs, provide the most reasonable equipment configuration and equipment with the most favorable quotation, to meet the different needs of customers.

Water testing:
Hautek offers free raw water quality lab analysis, Certainly, it will shorten communication process if the raw water analysis report from customer is available.

Hautek professional engineers will optimize the design of the equipment or production line according to the different needs of customers to make the product achieve the best cost performance.

Pre- communication:
Hautek sales manager provides corresponding professional advice and initial quotation according to customer needs.

Visit water, beverage & other projects factory which bought HAUTEK machine.

Hautek will conduct comparative experiments in advance based on actual needs of some customers, and come up with a design basis that can best meet customer needs.

After sale

12~24 months warranty:
The spare parts is free during warranty period. All spare parts will be supplied in cost price after warranty period.

Remote services:
Solve basic questions by telephone, email, online, video call and so on.The engineers go to user factory for service machine 24hour Online service.

Engineers available to service machine oversea:
Engineer can go to user factory for installation and debugging machines. Teach how to operate and maintain machines. Machine operation manuals will be provided.

Overseas service engineer:
Hautek have service engineer in some countries, the users can get technical support from the overseas service engineer.